(26 March 2020)

The following update is provided in relation to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis.
As recently mandated by the Federal and state governments, all public gatherings including Lord’s day worship services, other gatherings for Bible studies/prayer meetings, and the Cardiff Sunday School (am & pm) are now suspended until further notice.

During the period of suspension, we exhort and encourage all of our members and friends to make use of the electronic means to access Lord’s day worship services (9am, 11am and 5pm) and to regularly conduct family worship.

Live telephone: call 49050620 passcode: 12345#
Live video stream: http://stream.hunterpres.org)
You may subscribe to the Church’s Youtube channel, and receive automatic notifications of services.
For electronic and online offering:
Electronic Funds Transfer Details: BSB: 062818
Account: 00900338
Online Giving http://give.hunterpres.org (It supports debit/credit cards.)