Hunter Presbyterian Church is a confessional Reformed congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia, in the Greater Newcastle Region.

For over 150 years The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia (PCEA) has been part of the religious life of our nation. The aim of this section is to acquaint Christians from other backgrounds and members of the wider community with something of our history, an outline of our beliefs, and an explanation of those things, which distinguish us from other branches of the Christian Church. As its name suggests, the congregations of this Church are found in the Eastern States including Tasmania.

It may be as you read this section that you would like to know more about our witness and activities.  Enquiries are welcome and services and activities are always open to visitors.

Our Aims

As a fellowship of those who love the Lord Jesus, we come together to worship Him, we study the Bible to learn more about him and we seek to make Him known to others. Briefly, our worship is simple, Biblical, and Christ-centred.

preaching is plain, applied and a careful exposition of  Scripture.

fellowship is warm and genuine with each person made welcome and all encouraged to build one another up in the things of God.

belief is the historic Christian Reformed Faith.